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Φωτογραφία μέλους ερευνητικής ομάδας


Bachelor Degree in Agriculture, Diploma in Civil Engineering, MSc in Agricultural Engineering, Ph.D in Agricultural Engineering

Thomas Kotsopoulos (TK) (M) is Associate Professor at Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. TK holds a bachelor degree in Agronomy and a diploma in Civil Engineering. He received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in agricultural engineering with an emphasis in biogas production from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in 2001 and 2005, respectively.

He is Director of the Lab of Agricultural Structures & Equipment (ASE). His current research interests include: anaerobic reactors configuration for biohydrogen and biomethane production, environmental engineering and anaerobic process monitoring and optimization. He has approx. 64 scientific publications and he is also a member in several national and international tasks-groups. TK has act as expert in the evaluation of several research proposals, either at national and international level and was/is involved both as coordinator and as participant in several national and EU projects.

email: mkotsop@agro.auth.gr
phone number: 2310 797 001

Φωτογραφία μέλους ερευνητικής ομάδας


Mechanical and Agricultural Engineer, Energy and environmental management in industrial concentrations, PhD

Anastasia Martzopoulou is a Mechanical and Agricultural Engineer and currently belongs to the academic staff of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning – School of Architecture – Faculty of Engineering – AUTH, where she completed her PhD thesis entitled “Energy and environmental management in industrial concentrations”.

She has been actively involved in the research activity of the URENIO Research Unit – AUTH, participating in the implementation and the management of research projects such as: Cross-Inno-Cut, Innopolis, INTERVALUE, The future of industry in Thessaloniki, Innovation in the Ionian Islands, Digital research center in Central Macedonia, Istos: Innovative Actions in the South Aegean. Scientific fields she is interested in: Urban/Regional Planning and Innovation, Smart Specialisation, Smart Energy Cities, Environmental Planning, Industrial Symbiosis and Ecology, Eco – Industrial Parks, Emergy Analysis, Agricultural Engineering. She teaches at the Schools of Architecture and Agriculture.

email: amartzopoulou@arch.auth.gr
phone number: 2310 797 001

Φωτογραφία μέλους ερευνητικής ομάδας


Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, MSc

Vasileios Firfiris has studied Mechanical Engineering Science at the AUTH Faculty of Engineering. He has an MS degree on Agriculture Engineering. His research focus on energy design and management of agricultural buildings and devices (greenhouses, livestock buildings, desalination process, heat exchangers etc). Currently he is a PhD candidate in AUTH, working in the development of innovative methods to reduce greenhouse heating needs.

email: firfiris@agro.auth.gr
phone number: 2310 797 001

Φωτογραφία μέλους ερευνητικής ομάδας


Department of Hydraulics, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering, MSc

Sotirios Kalamaras was born in 1981 in Karditsa. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture with an MSc in Agricultural Engineering and an MSc in Food Science and Technology and Human Nutrition.

He has worked as a Researcher at AUTh in a Research Program on Green Supply Chains from 2013 to 2015. He is a PhD Candidate of the Department of Agriculture of AUTh, since 2014. He has three publications in Scientific Journals with an Impact Factor (IF) of 7 publications in International Conferences. He has previously worked as a Laboratory Associate at the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa. Also, he has worked in the private sector as Head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering in the field of renewable energy sources.

email: –
phone number: 2310 797 001

Φωτογραφία μέλους ερευνητικής ομάδας


Agronomist, Agricultural engineering with specialization in Hydraulics, MSc

I have studied agriculturist at the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and National Environment, School of Agriculture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I hold a master degree in Hydraulics, Soil science and Agricultural engineering with specialization in Hydraulics.

I have knowledge of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and simulation-modeling of flow and hydraulic parameters in general. Currently, i am a PhD student with topic the anaerobic digestion. I am studying microbiological and hydraulic parameters such as retention time and the loading rate and how they affect the digestion. Since 2018 i am working as a researcher at the Lab of Agricultural Structures & Equipment, School of Agriculture, AUTH

email: christoum@agro.auth.gr
phone number: 2310 797 001

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